Bride Oana, June 16, 2017

Like any bride, make-up was a huge deal when making all my necessary wedding day plans. Outside of making sure the artist would actually show up (yes, I have a friend this has happened to) and arrive on time, my two biggest factors in selecting my artist was that she listen to the look that I wanted and apply the make-up so it would last at the very least, a good portion of the day.

Prior to meeting Alexandra, I had met with a couple other artists who didn’t leave me with the “wow” factor. They didn’t hear what I was looking for and did what they thought was best…which was exactly what I didn’t want. At our trial meeting I went over everything I did and did not want. Unlike the others, she gave me to look as I wanted it to be. Come the day of the wedding, Alexandra and her team arrived on time -(6am). My mother was thrilled with her look (she was reluctant initially because no one ever does her make-up to her standards…till Anita that is).

All the bridesmaids (I had 7) looked fabulous — with all very different looks! As for myself, my make-up was amazing! I would absolutely reccommend LBW Agency for your big day! I promise you will NOT be disappointed!!!